Wednesday morning with Jack the Ripper

This morning was … painful. Jack is a good friend, solid brown belt and overall nice guy. He’s also an ass-kicker. Today, he had that fun look in his eye where you know you don’t want to be beneath him.

I still ended up being the technique dummy.

New folks went over a standard Americana from side-control as well as a near-side armbar from the same position when the keylock is defended; advanced students went over some catch movements from side control similar to a half-nelson, where you finish in either a spinning arm-bar or a d’arce variation.

Translation: it was a lot pain, but it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Dealth with more of Daniel playing the part of wrecking ball while I played the part of old building, but I managed to hold my own – or at least not feel completely shut down. Also got to roll with Joe again and I couldn’t be happier he’s working back toward consistency (like me).

Now to make time to train the shit mentality out of my mind and to hone my body, so my technique isn’t fighting against my poor conditioning.

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