Thursday Night – milestone

For once in a long time, I managed to get to Thursday night class a bit early, stretch and relax. It’s always nice when you’re not running into a class as it’s starting or worse, missing warm-ups.

I got to work and train with Esteban, a very competent blue belt that was originally from Gracie Barra (I think). After takedown drills, we went over a nice collar choke from a failed hook sweep where you finish with a deep overhook and on your side; also went over the sweep from that position directly to mount, then drilling some x-guard entries/sweeps, all from that same failed hook sweep.

I find myself really liking bottom half and, as an extension of that, this hook sweep combo. I’m intrigued by x-guard and think I might start trying to get there from half guard whenever I can.

After drilling, we went into some positional work and I’m very happy to say that I hit a berimbolo for the first time on a resisting opponent in a live roll. We started from closed guard; he stood up; de la riva; maintain grips; berimbolo!!! Kenric happened to be watching and pushed me along with positive reinforcement while I was working and it was great to hear. He also gave me some compliments after class and honestly, I need that. Positive comments from my instructors goes a long way with me and really helps to boost my confidence. Too often, I feel defeated when things don’t go my way and then BAM, I’m tapping to things that I should be able to escape.

At the end of class, we did some live rolls; Scott gave me what for and brought me back to earth like a lead balloon. Haha! I really enjoy training with him as he makes me constantly defend my neck and push the pace. Last live roll was again with Esteban and we got after it pretty good. I maintained a semblance of half guard most of the time, but I think he got through my defenses a couple of times.

After class, I went over that long-step half-guard pass from Saturday and got some good tips from Jeff; I’ll be trying to work it into my game in the coming weeks as well.

Overall, it was a very good night. I love milestones.

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