Leverage vs. Strength: the Excuses

OK, I need to rant for a moment.

I hate it when someone (myself included) makes an excuse with an opponent of similar size that they’re “muscling it.” You’ll hear “he’s ok, but he was muscling it” when in reality, all I saw was you counting the lights and getting ROCKED.

The fact is your leverage is supposed to beat their stength. If you can’t escape bottom side control, or you keep leaving your arm away from your body to get locked out — or God forbid, they keep breaking your posture while you’re in their closed guard, that is not their problem; it’s yours.

It could be an issue of saving face – you don’t want to let your ego take the beating it needs because you just got wrecked by a junior belt or, worse, a wrestler. The same excuses come in different packages – be it cardio, agility, etc. The most common though, is strength.

Strength, cardio, agility — these are attributes of success and shouldn’t be stunted just because we want everyone to feel better about themselves. Granted, a big person rolling with a little person needs to focus intently on NOT muscling so that they’re getting something out of the roll, too. Muscling with another big person is likely not to work the same way.

So, do yourself a favor and work those escapes, stay on top, stay heavy when you need to. Speed kills strength; technique kills muscle. You just have to know how to use it.

I’ll be working on the same thing.

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2 Responses to Leverage vs. Strength: the Excuses

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