Prep Work

I’m competing in a free tournament with some friends tomorrow at Brea Jiu-jitsu. 16 man, single elimination. Should be good. For the first time ever, my nephew is coming out to watch. He’s 10, excited and a great motivator. I’d love to win for him.

Even though I’d love to walk away with gold, here are my other goals for this tourney:

1. Attack. – Don’t think about points, just go out there, have fun and attack, attack, attack, from all positions.

2. Recover – After the first match, I need to do a good job recovering. Having a minor case of asthma and probably as a result of the adrenaline dump, this is a hard one for me.

3. Light-footed – don’t plod along – be light and quick on my feet.

4. Win or Lose with honor – pretty simple. Don’t be an asshat if I win; don’t be a ninny if I don’t.

I’m excited about this one as I will be among friends, enjoying the day. Hopefully, I don’t put too much stress on myself beforehand.

To prep, I rolled last night and had a great evening on the mats. At our gym, they’re preparing to take down a wall and have been doing some painting, so that was a bit of a distraction at first, but after warm-ups, I got into my groove and the hips responded in kind.

For some reason, everything just felt like it was clicking in place. I hope that continues into tomorrow.

Today, I’ve been doing some visualization and positive self-talk. After a light meal this evening and some good stretching/rest this evening, I should be good to go.

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