Top 10 List: Christmas edition

I saw a top ten list over at SharkGirlBJJ’s blog ( and opted to create my own here as well (in no particular order):

1. More mat time: I’d love to have more time to roll instead of sitting in traffic, working, sleeping or … etc. More mat time means better technique and timing.

2. This sweet gear bag from DaKine: OK, it’s not specifically built for a gi, but it would function just as well since it has a wet pocket for the stink.

3. Orangahang Grip Trainers: These bad boys look like they mean business and who couldn’t use better grips?!

4. Back Attacks DVD Set with Ryan Hall: Ryan Hall is the man. I need work on my game. Enough said.

5. Drill to Win: 12 Months of Better BJJ by Andre Galvao

6. A GoPro to record mat time and study my own game.

7. More hang time with training partners off the mat. I love those who I get to experience jiu jitsu with – just wish I’d get to see them more off the mat. (yes, I’m a sap – I know)

8. This very light XGuard gi in white. Can’t ever have enough gis.




9. Short-sleeve rashguards. I’ve got enough long-sleeve rashies… but only one short-sleeve.

10. New non-crappy blender:  I have a blender as it is, but my wife hates it. Also good for smoothies to perform at peak.

And there you have it? What’s on your BJJ wish list this year?

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2 Responses to Top 10 List: Christmas edition

  1. Shark Girl says:

    Do you need me to drop Wifey a hint?? Good luck with your list!

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