Perception and timing.

Here’s a funny thing to note: the way you roll and the way others perceive the way you roll are not always the same.

I’ve been thinking a bit about this recently because two of my friends/training partners have said the same thing about my overall technique – something I never would have guessed to say about myself. I’ve noticed that my timing has been “off” now and again and that I get caught while being out of position, but I never really gathered why before.

Then, a couple weeks apart, Dustin and Jeremy both said the same thing:

Slow Down.

Dustin, last night, mentioned this to me and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. He noted that I overstep/miss a step/leave something open because I rush the technique. This is done, in part I think, because I respect them as grapplers and I want to “be first.” However, I got my back taken, caught in a kimura from top-half and and armbar last night, probably because I was rushing the technique.

This is something I really need to sit down and try to go over because, overall, I also don’t hit submissions enough. I spend too much time getting into position in order to find that submission, so somehow I have to justify these two opposing forces into a cohesive method of rolling because, like it or not, the way others perceive me to roll has some truth in it. While I’d prefer to actually work faster, I can’t begin to do so until those transitions are done cleanly and efficiently. Thousands of time.

I’d love to hear any feedback on this; how to hunt for the submission in a methodical way; how you perceive me to roll (if we’re partners); or anything else relating to perception on the mats.

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