The Good Work

Thursdays are both one of my favorite and most dreaded days of the week. I work an earlier shift so that I can get to the evening class and I typically have some of the best training of the week on these days – that isn’t to say I don’t get smashed, choked and otherwise beat up – only that I’m somehow more comfortable about it and I feel like progress happens during this time. Anyway, the down side to Thursday is the traffic I have to sit through. In order to make it to work on time, I have to leave my house two hours early; conversely, in order to make it to the gym, I have to leave two and a half hours early. All of that traffic can take a toll on me mentally and I have to admit, there are times I’d rather just finish the drive home. But class is always worth it and last night was no exception.

After warm ups, we went over an entrance with grips to the fireman’s carry. I love this takedown, but have some trouble maintaining the grip through the movement – definitely something to work on. With Scott as my partner, we also went over some submissions from back control. I won’t call it back mount because we are both sitting to start, hooks and seat belt control in. Anyway, I got to work on some bow and arrow chokes and a variant from S Mount. One of the hardest things for me is getting that grip on the lapel – I need to learn more ways to distract in order to get that hand in.

We did a couple of short rounds of positional training here and my timing was finally where it needed to be. Though I couldn’t get the submissions, I had a much better time defending and coming back to half or full guard. Good times.

During our live rolls, I worked with Scott and we got after it pretty good, with him catching me in an ezekiel choke from the bottom of half guard, then sweeping and finishing. It was super tight and I thought I was going to go out. Other than that sub though, it was fairly back and forth and I had a decent showing.

Next, I got to roll with Manny, a UBJJ 2 stripe blue who has guillotined the hell out of me in the past. He has a very tight guard that was very difficult to pass and we had some very good scrambles. No finishes, but a good roll.

This made me notice how students of the same schools all roll differently, with their own personality, but similarly. I can see some of the same influences when rolling with both Dave and Manny; or Kenric and Jeff; etc. It also makes me wonder how many similarities I share with my battle brothers.

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