Fighting for Consistency

Lately, life has been getting in the way of training, either with work or other obligations. However, I have been on the mat on and off and here’s what I’ve been working on:

– Top control: my side control seems to be getting better in that I’m able to block the outside hip and maintain shoulder pressure. The latter is still a concern for me as I have a hard time finding the balance between not enough pressure or grinding my shoulder away at my partner’s jaw angrily.

– Bull fighter’s pass (Toreando): I’ve been giving this considerable attention as of late and, while I think I’m getting a bit better at keeping my elbows inside, I still need to work on that “be first” mentality I’ve mentioned previously.

– Bow and Arrow choke: I’ve been hitting this technique more and more lately; hoping I can get very good at it from many different set-ups, but also struggling with the idea that I might overuse it and become less effective elsewhere.

– New submissions: Hoping to incorporate the kimura into my game more as well as the N/S choke. I have a very difficult time finishing both positions for multiple, varied reasons.

– Finally, spider guard: Kenric has been going over some cool positional variants from spider guard and I’ve managed to get a pendulum sweep a few times from this position. I really love spider, DLR and x guards and look to get to those positions probably even when I should relax in the position I find myself in. As my instructor says regularly, “take what they give you.”

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