Saturday: Omoplata

Had some great training on Saturday. We went over an omoplata set-up when your opponent tries to stand up in your guard. We covered both the submission and two sweeps. The first is the standard omo-rolling sweep and the second was a nice star sweep. Later the same day, I saw a nice kneebar set up from the same position while watching some competition videos online, but won’t be able to incorporate it into my game for the next 3-5 years (blue belt.) haha.

I really like the star sweep, as long as you’re able to get over that shoulder quickly. One of the things I’m consistently working on is “being first” or “not waiting.” I’ve noticed I fail at this a lot. I will get my grips, then try to walk through a position, thinking step by step through it. Once I get half-way there, I get my guard passed or the opponent defends properly and the movement is lost. So, I need to work on my timing, coming up when I need to and being first out of the gate.

I don’t really know what happened somewhere along the road, because this was ingrained in me…. 15 years ago while I wrestled. I suppose I’ve always thought of jiu jitsu aas being much slower than wrestling, while in reality, I’m just slower.

Had some good spars with Dave, Scott and Kenric. Scott continues to improve; while I felt my timing was off and I got tapped a few times by him, they felt like pleasant rolls. We had some good scrambles and I got caught. No big deal. Dave is a purple belt that let me work my bow and arrow choke, while Kenric continues to be a great instructor by dominating me at every turn.

I also realized that I’ve been sucking at pendulum sweeps for a long time now and couldn’t figure out why. I asked both Dave and Kenric for help and realized… I’ve been grabbing the wrong sleeve of my opponent; omoplata sweeps have become too habitual and I need to work both grips. This has made me think of transitions with the grip from one side to the other, so I can either pendulum sweep to mount, or go for the omoplata. More on that later.

On another positive note, I got to watch Silva finally pay for his hot-dogging antics and get knocked out. Glad Weidman won. I became hoarse after screaming in victory (as though I had won the Middleweight belt myself). Let’s see how long it lasts…

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