4th of July Conditioning

Got to the gym around 8:30 for some conditioning with Jeff leading us. Did some dynamic stretching, then resistance band training before hitting the kettlebells hard and the rowing machine. A few words on this, though:

Resistance Bands: Seriously hurt both my body and my pride. I can feel how tight my hip flexors are for 3 days afterward and my IT band on each leg seems very tight as well. At one point, I was working through a movement and looked to see Jeff on top of Ben’s back, while Ben carried him, resistance bands and all. Afterward, I felt quite small. haha.

Kettle movements: my god, these sucked. I did fine for the first movement of basic KB swings, but then had to take multiple breaks during the swing and hop motion; same with the turkish get-ups; did OK shrimping with the KB and the weird crawling motion we did.

Rowing: felt better about this the second time around, but in no way am I where I need to be.

Afterward, we talked about conditioning overall, price, etc. I can’t afford it, so I’ll try to take some classes at the gym to supplement. I’ve got to get in shape for World’s and that means dealing with larger class sizes.

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