Monday Morning

Got to the gym during warm-ups for the 6AM class; did some take-down drills, but then also went over some take-down defense, which is much needed. I feel that the take-down is a lost art in jiu-jitsu schools, especially when butt flopping scissor fucking (pulling guard, then going to 50/50 to sit without action) is held in high regard. Don’t get me wrong: the guys that pull guard and immediately sweep have my respect. The guys that play twinkle toes with each other for 10 minutes are doing more harm than good for our sport. Anyway, rant over.

We then went over a half-guard pass that gives you lots of control by maintaining the opponent’s lower lapel and wrapping it under their outside arm and passing it to your crossfacing hand. A nice touch.

Got 4 rolls in:

1. Daniel: continues to kick my ass, though I held my own decently today (at least, I didn’t feel like I gave anything away and we had some good scrambles)

2. Jordan – another heavy blue belt that more or less wiped the floor with me. Got to work some armbar defense and was doing well until the last 30 seconds.

3. Mike – newish white belt that is much heavier than me. Worked on maintaining top position, got a kick sweep from knees, and just tried not to be a jerk.

4. Dante – fresh new white belt, so went fairly slow, though I did keep a top position most of the time. Talked with him about where his top arm should be. He is much lighter than me (110 lbs?) and has a solid scramble.

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