Half-guard passing on Saturday in Yorba Linda

Went down to Mauricio’s school this past Saturday and my body is still recovering. After taking time off for vacation, my sister’s wedding and all-around mischief-making, it feels good to be back on the mats, but I’m sorely out of shape (pun intended).

We went over a long-step half-guard pass that I really like, but need a lot of work on in order to maintain shoulder pressure after the step back. Shoulder pressure is always going to be one of those things that I think will continue to need work.

As for the pass, I tried it a few times in class and haven’t managed to hit it cleanly. However, elevated belts manage to use it on me all the time, though I can’t be sure if that’s a testament to the technique’s effectiveness or my crap jiu-jitsu.

The rest of the day saw me getting rolled up by one purple belt in particular and everyone else in general, though I did manage to sink an armlock in from the back, where you’re floating too high, so you essentially crawl up the back of your opponent.

More to come, thanks for reading (all 2 of you!)

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