The Underhook of DOOM

I’m in half-guard (usually with a knee shield), on a hip, blocking the crossface and protecting my neck. I look for the underhook, bump into my partner and swim my arm underneath his. Then, I get darced because my underhook must be weak as SHIT. I choke, I tap, he wins.

Rinse and repeat as necessary, unless I magically see the darce coming and manage to defend.

Here’s my question: How is this underhook supposed to be so great and powerful, yet I’m the one that keeps getting choked by it? Granted this only happens with one or two training partners, but holy balls, Batman, it’s annoying.

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2 Responses to The Underhook of DOOM

  1. thebatdojo says:

    The key to the underhook is this: the BACK of your hand should be on their back, not your palm. Thumb down toward their but. This will lift your elbow high and make it strong. Also, the lower your under hook,hell even around their thigh is the best. And underhook around their armpit invites chokes.

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