My two favorite sports coming together!

I love baseball. I mean, I can sit in front of my television and watch back-to-back ballgames, only getting up to use the bathroom and refill my snacks. By the same token, I love jiu-jitsu enough to stream matches whenever I have a free moment; as I mentioned in my last post, it takes up a lot of my mental space.

So, imagine my good fortune when my buddy Frank shows me a baseball choke from full guard. I’ve been working the grips here and there but DAMN, is it hard to remember not to grab across my opponent’s body to his lapel looking for the usual cross-choke/arm-bar/scissor sweep combination. I’ve been rolling about two years now and that habit has been ingrained.

Fast forward three weeks. It’s the Abu Dhabi Trials in San Diego and Magid Hage wrings Clark Gracie’s neck in under a minute and puts him quietly to sleep. DSTRYR|SG has done an amazing job writing up a blog about the choke, it’s history, Magid Hage’s use of it in San Diego that weekend and ways to set it up yourself.

Below is Hage’s match with Gracie:

And to give credit where credit is due, here’s the link to DSTRYR|SG’s baseball choke article (read them – they are much wittier than I).

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