Sleeping Jiu Jitsu

I’ve been dreaming a lot about jiu jitsu lately. I don’t think my wife appreciates it as I tend to thrash about, but it’s there, so my sub-conscious builds grappling tapestries in my mind as I sleep. Normally, it’s something about a roll from earlier in the week that triggers these dreams; I’ll dream about the roll, the feeling of walking the mats before class or even that of putting on my gi. As you can imagine, my recent dreams have been about the blue belt test.
Two days out and I’m thinking about which movements to hit confidently, as opposed to making sure I know all of the variations that our classes have gone over.
Do I hit this thumb choke from mount, or go 4-fingers into the lapel?
Which takedowns?
Which passes?
It’s refreshing, going over my jiu jitsu notebook and reminding myself of techniques that we’ve done. I had forgotten about a few chokes and armbar variations that brought a smile to my face in the last couple of days.
It’s funny how something important in your life dominates your sub-conscious. Before I got married, it’s all I could think of (obviously). Even now, if I know I’m leaving work early to go home to my wife, she takes up all of my mental real estate. More text messages, emoticons, etc. Those events that are coming up – the ones that are important to you – will always poke and prod you. It’s just a matter of deciding how much to give in to the prodding in order to remain focused on all of the other important (though sometimes mundane) aspects of the everyday. For me, being a little intense/obsessive, it’s sometimes more of a struggle than normal.

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