I hate triangles

Got caught in 4 triangles last night. I essentially kept making the same mistake and paid for it repeatedly. Recently I’ve been trying to smash my opponent and get to side control when they break my posture, even when their guard is closed. I do this by cross-gripping the lapel with my left hand, dropping my left hip and stacking over them from an odd side-control position. Their legs would open up, I’d continue to turn and, once I got near their head, I’d move my left elbow tight to the far side of their ear, so they can’t spin underneath me. Up until last night, this new movement worked without incident.

Then, I got triangled, as I mentioned. After some experimentation (read: more triangles), I realized that I wasn’t blocking my opponent’s left hip with my right arm as I come around, so they were able to get their hips high, even as I was stacking. Once Jeremy helped me out, my progress was much better.

That said, I still got taxed last night. One of my coach’s good friends showed up to roll with us and he’s a high level purple belt. I felt like I got fed to the wolves. I tapped probably 8 times in 4 minutes and got to that place where my ego takes over and I pout after class because I thought I was better than where I actually am. Instead of going to no-gi class, I opted to lift some weights with Dwight instead, to get all of that crap out of my system, while still working to improve my game.

Sometimes, the best part of training is the knowledge of self that you gain as a result of getting the tar kicked out of you.

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