Rolling at another gym + Goals

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to lift with some buddies, roll at my normal gym, then cruise out to Yorba Linda, California and roll with some of the guys at Tinguinha’s gym. I must say, it’s really nice to get to grapple with some fresh faces, especially as most are much higher rank than myself and all were willing to help out with details of my defense, pass, etc. (Let’s not forget that they kicked the hell out of me đŸ™‚ ) One of the things I noticed off the bat is that, even though we took seven guys on the trip down, none of the regular Tinguinha guys made a big deal out of it. We were welcomed in like friends and got on the mat like this was a normal occurrance. Good times.

On another note, my long-term goal for 2012 was to blue belt by the end of the year. We’re currently in November and I’m looking at 4 weather-worn stripes on my white belt, wondering if I should have set this goal to begin. I don’t know if I’ll strap within the next 8 weeks, but the work I put in – and the help that everyone has given me, either through instruction, motivation or daily rolls – is invaluable. After the end of this year, I’ll be putting up more short/long term goals for 2013. Many thanks to everyone whose accompanying me on this journey.

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