Breadcutter from Side-Control

Today, we were working a nice collar choke from side-control similar to the bread-cutter from N/S; I was going over it and, as much as I liked it, I found it hard to finish.

So, my instructor walks over, watches me for all of 10 seconds, and says, “Your wrist is too weak. Make it strong and rigid.” As much as I wanted to say “That’s what she said,” I focused on not bending my wrist as the blade of my forearm came around my partner’s neck and voila! choke finished. I’m willing to bet this is why I’ve been struggling with lapel chokes from guard as well.

It’s funny how that works; the details are SO specific that this isn’t an art you can learn from youtube. You can get ideas, sure, but having that black belt examine your work during your progression means so much more – and opens your eyes so much wider.

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