The Armbar

I’ve come to realize something recently: I love throwing armbars from whatever position they become available. This past Wednesday, we were going over the scissor sweep, then a counter from there if your opponent blocks it out. Going over the technique, my training partner noted “don’t forget about the armbar from there, too.”

I looked at him, blankly.

I wasn’t in class when it was shown and was excited/surprised to have it demonstrated mid-roll. I practiced it a few times and the most amazing thing happened: a smile crept slowly across my face until it hurt my cheeks.

I love the beauty of the armbar, how it can be thrown from myriad different angles (not that I know them) and I’m learning how to recognize bait attempts at when the armbar is the natural progression of the cycle.

This is actually a great video of the evolution of the armbar, how white belts (like myself) see it and then, eventually, how it’s seen by higher ranked players. I actually look for the armbar mostly from the mount and guard positions, though I’d like to be able to apply it in positions mid-transition.


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