Since I started jiu jitsu, I’ve been looking for a gi that I can use when visiting other schools and for competition. Pretty early on, I came across the Origin product line and fell in love. I’ve been drooling over the subtle embellishments, the clean lines and the mind-set behind the workmanship since the first day I stumbled across the site. The trouble is, I didn’t know anyone who had an Origin gi, didn’t have an extra $200 and, more imporantly, didn’t know how often it would get put to use.

All of that said, I had to bide my time. My friend Dave is always telling me about other gi companies – all respectable, all well-liked by him and usually much cheaper. I looked them over, tried to get into them, fought myself mentally for reasons to purchase “something cheaper” or “from someone locally.” I’d love to support California’s economy but let’s be honest: I didn’t truly like anything I saw.

Maybe this is a testament to Origin’s marketing platform, the way they showcase their product on their web site, the dynamic photos that are more like art and less like cardboard gi postings, or that their gis are made in limited quantity — but the company made me feel like they had my best interest in mind and that the gi they built was done so specifically for me (a big deal as a consumer). You can see the gi’s fit in multiple positions and see the detail of the craftsmanship on the web site. The owner does a great job of expressing his mentality behind the features, making a great attempt at “bridg[ing] form and function, meeting the demands of discriminating bjj enthusiasts worldwide.” (www.originbjj.com)

Then, Aesopian’s annual gi survey results came out: Origin placed 5th overall. I read some reviews online and everything seemed to be on the up-and-up. I realized how much I want to compete and my buddy Tony has been bothering me to visit other jiu jitsu schools in Southern California on the weekends for months. When it came to spending the extra money, I have to think you get what you pay for. I waited until my family had come into some extra cash (taxes!) and then placed my order today!

I am so excited!

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One Response to Origin

  1. M@ B. says:

    Time to get that sucker tested in competition!

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