Plugging Holes

For the first time in a live roll, I hit a triangle from my closed guard this past Sunday. Granted, I can only throw it one way (when my opponent postures up and reaches back with one hand to open my guard), but it stuck and I got the tap. I couldn’t believe it.

Later that same day, I also managed to hit an armbar from guard; my opponent countered; then I countered! I ended up with my legs crossed up, armbaring the arm I hadn’t originally intended on taking. I guess my instructors are doing a good job of making these things muscle memory!

So that I can remind myself not to be a prideful jerk, you should also know this:

I also got ROCKED by a rather new player in class multiple times on Sunday as well. I usually open guard habitually: standard guard open (similar to the start of a single- or double-arm guard pass), right elbow drops to the hip, push down with my right forearm until the opponent’s left thigh touches the mat and knee slide to side control. However, after getting choked out three times, I found that I leave my left side open for my opponent to hip out and take my back, especially if they’re long limbed. Three taps later, I think I’m beginning to get the message.

I guess this means I have to plug this hole in my game before my little boat sinks.

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