Jiu Jitsu is Everywhere

This afternoon, my wife and I were having lunch at Islands; I went a little nuts on the ordering and probably inhaled a couple thousand calories, all while wearing a t-shirt repping the gym where I roll.

Just after I finish my burger, an employee comes up to us and asks what classes I take. This turns into a 10 minute discussion on jiu jitsu, how long he’s been rolling, competition, who I train with, my thoughts on the sport, etc.

This guy didn’t “look like a fighter” or “wasn’t a meat-head.” But that’s what jiu jitsu is all about. It’s for the common guy walking down the street; you don’t have to wear the ugly shirts or have the hardest-looking tattoos to train. In fact, it’s probably better that you don’t. It isn’t called “The Gentle Art” for nothing.

The guy that bussed my table today – yeah, he’s been at it for 16 years. Who would have known? I was reminded today to keep that in mind when I publicly represent jiu jitsu, either with apparel or attitude.

Jiu jitsu is everywhere.

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