In the beginning

Welcome to Tap Often.

I’m a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and, over the years, I’ve fancied myself a writer. After training for about 10 months, I decided to blog my thoughts on this sport I’ve come to love, to share the insights of a beginner on the road to grappling and to use this avenue as a way to better internalize what’s going on externally.

I started down my jiu jitsu path late in life for a grappler – at 28; I have no hopes of grandeur – no false ideas that I am a Saulo Ribiero or BJ Penn in the making. I just enjoy it; it relieves stress, helps to focus my mind and, above all else, teaches me about myself in ways nothing else ever has.

The title – Tap Often – comes from the fact that I’ve got a big ego and this was my first lesson. If I ever want to improve, I’ve got to learn to breathe, attack, defend, transition, remain calm, etc. – but before all else, I have to learn to tap – to know when I’ve had enough, to push my pride away and realize that I’m at my limit.

So, I keep reminding myself: It’s OK to tap; shake hands and let’s go again.

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One Response to In the beginning

  1. M@ B. says:

    No, you won’t be Saulo or Penn, but you will be the first “Myers.” And that in itself is awesome.

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